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1) Registration

We declare the data is used for identification purposes only when placing orders at “company name” and shall not be disclosed to third parties or otherwise misused. By confirming the registration I consent to receiving e-mails with offers from the “company name” e-shop.

E-mails with offers shall be sent out no more than twice a month and the size of individual e-mail messages shall not exceed 50 kB. You can cancel your e-mail subscription at any time at “info@limitlessbrand.eu” or at the specified fixed address.

Orders may also be placed without registering.

2) Order Receipt and Processing, Purchase Agreement

The Buyer’s order constitutes a draft purchase agreement. The Purchase Agreement itself is considered concluded the moment both the Buyer’s and the Seller’s binding consent with this draft is obtained (via Seller’s binding confirmation of an order). From this moment on, mutual rights and obligations arise between the Buyer and the Seller.

By concluding the Purchase Agreement, the Buyer confirms to have been acquainted with the terms and conditions including the complaint conditions and to agree with them. By placing an order, the Buyer is sufficiently made aware of these commercial terms and conditions and complaints policy and has the opportunity to become acquainted with them.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel an order or its parts prior to the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement in the following cases: goods are no longer produced or the price of the delivered goods has been significantly altered. Should such a situation occur, the Seller shall immediately contact the Buyer in order to reach an agreement on how to proceed. In the event the Buyer has already paid all or part of the purchase price, this sum shall be transferred back to the Buyer’s account and no Purchase Agreement shall be concluded.

All orders submitted are binding. Orders may be cancelled prior to shipment. In the event an order is not cancelled prior to shipment and is shipped out, the customer may be required to reimburse the costs of shipping the goods. You shall receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of your order. Each product description and order confirmation shall include the information on the expected delivery time of goods that were not in stock. Each item shows information on whether the product is in stock or not. In the event the goods are not in stock or at the supplier’s warehouse, you shall be informed immediately of the next delivery date.

Order Cancellation

If you cancel your order within 12 hours, your order is considered to be cancelled. Cancellation may be made by email or by phone. When cancelling an order, it is necessary to provide your name, email and order number.

3) Modes of Transport by Public Carriers:

Goods delivered via GLS courier service

Unless stated otherwise, the postal charges amount to €3.99 + VAT. Postal charges for orders exceeding €80 are free within the territory of the Slovak Republic. Your order shall be delivered to you by courier within 24 hours from the time your parcel is shipped from our warehouse. You can trace the current parcel location any time using the track&trace system. The customer shall be notified about the shipment by email. The customer may file a complaint upon receipt of the parcel only. ATTENTION! If the parcel is visibly damaged or the protective tape is broken, file a complaint directly with the carrier. The supplier shall not be liable for damages incurred during the transport.

4) Guarantee

The guarantee period begins on the date specified in the document. All products purchased via www.twinzz.sk are subject to a 2-year guarantee. In any case of dispute, this guarantee period may be extended by 5 (five) days as compensation for the transport time.

5) Conflict with the Purchase Agreement – General Information

In the event an item is not in conformity with the Purchase Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “conflict with the Purchase Agreement”) upon the receipt, the Buyer shall have the right to have the item returned to the condition corresponding to the Purchase Agreement by the Seller free of charge and without undue delay, either by having the item exchanged or having the item repaired pursuant to the Buyer’s request. Should this procedure not be possible, the Buyer shall request a reasonable discount on the item price or withdraw from the Agreement. This shall not apply if the Buyer knew about the conflict with the Purchase Agreement or caused such conflict with the Purchase Agreement himself/herself. A conflict with the Purchase Agreement, which becomes apparent within six months from the date of receipt of the item, shall be deemed to have existed already at the time of receipt, unless this is contrary to the nature of the item or unless proven otherwise.

Goods are subject to a guarantee period stipulated by the law.

6) Consumer’s Right to Withdraw from the Agreement

If the Purchase Agreement is concluded by means of distance communication (via online store), the consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from the Agreement within 14 days of the receipt of the goods. In such a case, the consumer shall contact the Seller and preferably indicate in writing his/her withdrawal from the Agreement by stating the order number, purchase date, and account number for the purpose of a refund. The refund may also be given in cash at the company headquarters. The withdrawal must be delivered no later than on the last day of the 14-day period. In the light of the circumstances, in special cases, the return period may be extended, but no more than 30 days from the return of the item.

The provision of the law cannot be seen as an opportunity to borrow goods free of charge. In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal from the Agreement within 14 days of receipt of the performance, the consumer shall hand over to the Supplier everything he/she obtained under the Purchase Agreement. If no longer possible (e.g. the goods were damaged or consumed in the meantime), the consumer shall provide monetary compensation in return for what can no longer be handed over. In the event the returned goods are only partially damaged, the Seller may exercise the right to compensation and include his/her claim in the refunded purchase price. In such a case, the Seller shall be obliged to prove the damage incurred. In such a case, the Seller refunds only the reduced purchase price.

The Seller may also include the actual costs incurred in returning the goods (transport costs, etc.) in the purchase price that is to be returned to the Buyer.

The consumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal in the case of:

agreements for the provision of services, if their performance began prior to the expiry of the 14-day period from the acceptance of their performance,
agreements for the supply of goods and services, the price of which depends on the fluctuations on the financial market, irrespective of the Seller’s will,
agreements for the supply of goods adapted to the wishes of the Buyer or to his/her person, as well as goods that tend to perish quickly, are subject to wear and tear or obsolescence,
agreements for the supply of audio and video recordings and computer programmes, in the event the Buyer breaks the original packaging,
agreements for the supply of newspapers, periodicals, and magazines consisting of games or lottery.

7) Delivery and Delivery Terms

Certain consignments may be divided into multiple parcels. Postal charges remain unchanged.

All consignments are tracked until their delivery. We are thus trying to avoid problems that occur upon delivery.

How to proceed when returning goods:

Fill out the complaint form.

Prepare the consignment as described below.

Send the goods you wish to return as described below by the chosen carrier.

How to prepare the consignment

The consignment must be complete (including the accessories and all documentation) in the condition, in which you received it upon delivery. Always use wrapping paper or cardboard to prevent the original packaging from being plastered, written over or become otherwise damaged during transport. The goods shall not be paid on delivery. We recommend you insure the goods. The refund shall be sent to your bank account (do not forget to specify it) usually within 5 working days from the receipt of the consignment.

8) Payment Methods

PayPal – the goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment to the bank account

Card Pay – VISA / VISA ELECTRON / MAESTRO / MASTERCARD / DINERS CLUB / DISCOVER payment card – goods shall be shipped upon receipt of payment to the bank account


9) Complaints

In the event the goods you received is damaged or malfunctioning, follow the complaints policy. The return of the goods as a result of a withdrawal from the Agreement is specified in point 6 of the terms and conditions.

The postal charges are paid by us only if the goods are damaged or if you received incorrect goods.

10) Complaints Policy

The products subject to the right to file a complaint shall be handed over for inspection immediately after the defect is discovered, shall be clean and accompanied by proper documents and description of the defect.

How to proceed

All claims must be accompanied by a filled-out COMPLAINT FORM.

To file a complaint, follow the procedure described below: Fill out the complaint form and send it along with the product to the following address: “LIMITLESS CORPORATION s. r. o. Vlčie Hrdlo 20, 821 07, Bratislava, Slovak Republic”. When the goods are being returned, the transport is paid by the Buyer. When requesting an exchange of products for a different size and filing complaints, the transport to the following address: LIMITLESS CORPORATION s. r. o. SK s.r.o. Vlčie Hrdlo 20, 821 07, Bratislava, Slovak Republic is paid by the Buyer and the transport of the exchanged goods and complaints back to the customer is paid by the Seller. The consignment must be complete (including the accessories and all documentation = filled out complaint form) and in the condition, in which you received it upon delivery. Always use wrapping paper or cardboard to prevent the original packaging from being plastered, written over or become otherwise damaged during transport. Do not send goods that are to be paid on delivery, as these shall not be taken over. We recommend you insure the goods. The goods that are to be transported shall be properly packaged in order to avoid being further damaged. Defective or damaged goods shall be exchanged or the purchase price refunded. The goods shall be accompanied by all the documents the Buyer received along with the goods. The Seller shall not be liable for damages resulting from the operational use of the products, functional properties and damages caused by non-professional use of the products, as well as damages caused by external events and incorrect handling. Defects of such origin are not covered by the guarantee provided. For hygienic reasons, the goods shall be properly clean in order to be accepted for the complaint procedure. In the event the manufacturer provides a longer guarantee period, it shall be specified in the product description in the catalogue. Costs of the complaint procedure and handling fees may be charged in cases of rejected complaints. You shall be informed of the outcome of the complaint by email or text message. As with the delivery of the order, you shall be informed of the shipment of the consignment and the delivery date. Thank you for taking the time to read the terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions are valid as of 21 January 2019 until further notice.
Information for buyers: in the event of a change in the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions in force on the date of the purchase shall apply.